Our Proven Training Formula

 Paradigm Strategy Group’s programs are constructed around core concepts that help ensure consistency of quality and effectiveness.  Paradigm training achieves lasting results because:

Courses are practical. 

Lessons center on the unique nature of the energy business.  As former line managers and dealers, Paradigm instructors know that it is not enough for course participants just to learn about generic risk management tools.  Paradigm courses concentrate on educating participants about the specific applications of these financial products within the physical context of the energy business.

Learning is proactive.

Paradigm recognizes that people learn best by doing.  For this reason, Paradigm courses are constructed as interactive discussions.  The result is a free exchange of ideas that engages each participant and energizes the learning process.  Integral also to the process are group workshops in which participants must apply the learned concepts in problem-solving exercises and case studies.

Learning extends beyond the classroom through comprehensive manuals.

Every Paradigm course is supported by a comprehensive manual that fully documents the ideas presented during classroom instruction.  This frees course participants from the need to take extensive notes and stay focused and engaged in the classroom discussion. 

Programs are regularly updated

Paradigm instructors are meticulous in ensuring that all courses take account of the latest developments in the volatile world of energy deregulation.

 Programs are tailored to a client’s needs.

With every individualized training program, Paradigm strives to ensure that clients are optimizing their training time and training dollar.  Courses are designed to meet specific company requirements, providing participants with the knowledge needed to reach required skill levels in the most efficient manner.


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