Paradigm's Instructors

The extraordinary success of Paradigm’s training programs could not have occurred were it not for the excellence of its team of instructors.  Paradigm’s instructors have not only extensive knowledge and professional experience, but also the pragmatic disciplines that follow from the responsibility of managing bottom line profits. 

As former managers of trading and risk management activities, they bring to the classroom a real-world perspective on how deals are done, how decisions are made and how to avoid things that can go wrong.  Seminar participants come away with a working knowledge of how best to utilize sophisticated financial instruments and risk concepts to meet day-to-day business challenges.

Despite their strong backgrounds and thus their personal marketability in the energy and trading workplace, Paradigm’s small cadre of instructors are passionately committed to training.  These senior professionals are not engaged in training while “between assignments”.  They have chosen training over returning to the business line.  They genuinely enjoy and gain great satisfaction from the training process and working with energy professionals.

All have been with Paradigm for many years and have been heavily involved with the development of the course materials in our training manuals.  No one is working from an inflexible script.  Paradigm instructors are themselves excited by the subject matter and so are fond of exploring new perspectives and ideas in the risk management arena.  They respond with enthusiasm when class participants demonstrate a shared intellectual appetite for this field of knowledge by asking questions that go beyond the core ideas.   Their passion and excitement is contagious and undoubtedly contributes to the many accolades received from class participants.

Our instructors are:

Frank H. Ribeiro  (principal)


u       Marketing and trading crude oil, natural gas, fixed income and currency derivatives in the United States and Europe from their embryonic beginnings

u       Creating innovative derivative structures and risk management strategies tailored to meet specific end-user needs

u       Managing profit-generating deal origination and structuring teams

u       Establishing price and credit risk control systems for dealing operations

u       Creating and delivering application-based skill development programs and curriculum in emerging techniques in trading, deal structuring and hedging risks specific to the deregulated energy markets of North America and Europe


u       Economist, responsible for reviewing electricity tariff rate filings of regulated utilities for the Federal Power Commission (predecessor to FERC)

u       Various capacities in the finance, oil trading and chemical divisions of Exxon Corporation

u       Vice President & Director for Bank of America’s Investment Banking Group, heading up their derivatives team in New York City

u       Vice President & Manager, Derivative Origination and Structuring, ABN-AMRO Bank

u       Consultant to the United Nations, advising and training senior government officials from UN member countries on derivative and risk management technologies

u       Advisor to leading energy marketers and utilities on defining and imparting the knowledge and skill sets necessary for their professional staff to function effectively in deregulated energy markets

u       Author of articles published in Energy Risk International, Euromoney, and Swap Finance, and a chapter on currency derivatives and credit risk arbitrage in the textbook International Corporate Finance


u       M.P.A., Princeton University

u       B.A., Economics, California State University, Northridge


Venitta M. Ferguson


u       Specialized knowledge of energy trading and optimization

u       Assessing, quantifying and consolidating financial and energy price risk across business units

u       Developing and implementing derivative-based hedge strategies to manage risk

u       Understanding of the mechanics, nuances and price drivers of both the financial and physical energy marketplace

u       Identifying and exploiting arbitrage, employing the integration of both the physical and financial energy markets


u       Vice President, Natural Gas Risk Management, Coastal Gas Marketing Company

u       Vice President, Energy Risk Management, NorAm Energy Services, Inc.

u       Appointed Member, Natural Gas Advisory Committee of the New York Mercantile Exchange

u       Charter Group Member in the construction of the Standard EFP Agreement

John A. Doble


u       Trading and developing special applications for derivative products

u       Employing derivatives to better manage market, credit and liquidity risk with specialized knowledge of extremely volatile markets

u       Managing dealing rooms

u       Developing training seminars on the mechanics and use of derivative products with a special emphasis on the risk management attributes of derivatives


u       Pipeline Division, Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco

u       Trading and marketing derivative products for Bank of America in the US and Europe

u       Treasurer, Latin America/Canada Group, Bank of America, San Francisco


u       M.B.A., FC Austin Scholar, Kellogg School, Northwestern University

u       B.A., Economics, Stanford University


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