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About Paradigm Strategy Group

Established in 1996 by a highly skilled team of senior trading room managers and risk management practitioners, Paradigm Strategy Group's goal is to enable energy professionals to understand and utilize the sophisticated risk management tools that have gained significance since the advent of deregulation in the energy industry.

In its early years Paradigm served as the exclusive trainer to most of the significant energy marketers of the time. Over several years, Paradigm trained thousands of their professional staff: traders, deal originators, back office staff, business managers, plant managers, IT professionals, research staff, and more. Working closely with companies and individuals that were then the major engines of innovation gave Paradigm keen insights into the intricacies of the emerging energy markets. These insights contributed to Paradigm's reputation with clients for providing instruction that is highly substantive, immediately relevant, and that encompasses state-of-the-art concepts and transaction structures. This reputation continues today.

Paradigm's experience in training a broad array of energy entities (utilities, merchants, co-ops, marketers, producers, consumers and regulators) has taught it how to distill the essentials needed by energy professionals to function effectively in complex modern markets. These essential concepts are condensed into a fast-paced and engaging curriculum. It is our belief that training should not waste the time of busy professionals.

The programs, however, are not so rigid as to preclude explorations of concepts beyond the core. Paradigm's instructors have the depth of knowledge and experience that allows them to encourage questions from classroom participants on applications and perspectives that deviate from the core training materials. The quality of instruction, the substance and relevance of the topics covered, and the effective training methods have resulted in the consistent high praise received from class participants.

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